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From: Renia Simmonds <>
Subject: Re: Life expectations
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 23:00:55 +0100

I presume, then, that this is a very small sample, and representative of
only one sector of society, in one particular country, and, perhaps,
even of only one family? I would be reluctant to use this sort of sample
as evidence of a demographic nature.

Perhaps if we all, here, studied what we have, and created a database,
and used quantative methods, we might achieve a wider sample?


Dr. George Tsambourakis wrote:

> You mean from where I collected the information?
> My own data base, using only information that I knew it is correct.
> However, as I said, it may not be accurate although I believe the
> figures are not far out (error less than 20%).
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