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Subject: Re: Fw: Edmund of York and Isabella of Castille, dec. 1393
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 00:12:48 +0800

Many thanks for this message. Sadly, since his Gaveston gaffe
Douglas Richardson has to come with more than just "I proved". How did he
substantiate his claim? I don't think he did, but I hope he will.
Best wishes
Leo van de Pas

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> writes:
> > I found a reference from Steven Perkins where
> > he also shows the Margaret
> > de Ros connection and credits his listing to Douglas Richardson from a
> > to soc.genealogy.medieval on Oct. 5, 1999. If I can remember how to
> > the archives I will check that to see if it sheds any additional light.
> > Amazing how something so seemingly clear can become so confusing in so
> short
> > a time. Lee Denham
> This was the text of Douglas Richardson's post I believe.
> "The lst edition of Dr. Faris' book, Plantagenet Ancestry, pp. 140, 270,
> includes Eleanor Holand, wife of James Tuchet. As you correctly note, it
> identifies her as the base born daughter of Edmund Holand, 4th Earl of
> However, just before the 2nd edition went to press, I proved that Eleanor
> NOT the mother of James Tuchet's daughter, Elizabeth, who married Edward
> Brooke, as claimed by Complete Peerage (sub Cobham) and as shown in
> Plantagenet Ancestry, lst ed. Rather, it appears that Elizabeth (Tuchet)
> Brooke was the daughter of James Tuchet's first marriage to Margaret Ros.
> The 2nd edition of Dr. Faris' book should show the revision in Elizabeth
> Tuchet's maternity. Eleanor Holand will continue to appear in the new
> edition, however, as Dr. Faris has added a new descent from Eleanor's
> daughter, Constance Tuchet, who married Robert Whitney.
> All for now. Best always, Douglas Richardson"

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