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Subject: Re: Edmund of York and Isabella of Castille, dec. 1393
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 16:50:19 EDT

>From CP 1:341. Has Eleanor's parentage ever been resolved??

5. [Lord Audley] JAMES (Tuchet), LORD AUDLEY, son and heir, aged ten years
in 1408. He was summoned to Parliament 26 February 1420/1 to 26 May 1455, the
writs being directed Jacobo de Audley. Chief Justice of South Wales 17
November 1423, Chamberlain of South Wales 11 February 1438/9, and again 24
October 1441. He distinguished himself in the wars with France, having the
chief command of some forces in I430. On 26 October 1447, he had exemption
for life, as James Tuchete, Lord of Audley, from attendance in Parliament.
Having raised 10,000 men on behalf of Henry VI, he was defeated and slain by
the Yorkists at the battle of Blore Heath, Salop. He married, 1stly,
Margaret, daughter of William (Roos), LORD Roos, by Margaret, daughter of
John (ARUNDEL), LORD ARUNDEL (Papal Dispensation. 6 Kal. March 1415, to him
to remain in marriage contracted but not consummated). She was living 15
Kal. September 1423. He married, 2ndly, (Papal Dispensation to remain in
marriage contracted but not consummated) though related in the 3rd degree,
dat. 16 Kal. March 1429/30) Eleanor, illegitimate daughter of Thomas
(HOLAND), EARL OF KENT, by Constance, daughter of Edmund,) DUKE OF YORK, but,
according to Mills' Catalogue of Honour (1610), she was daughter of Edmund
HOLAND, by Elizabeth, widow of Edward (LE DESPENSER), LORD DESPENSER,
daughter and heir of Bartholomew (BURGHERSH), LORD BURGHERSH. He died 23
September 1459, aged about 61. [CP 1:341]

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