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From: "Leo van de Pas" <>
Subject: Re: Russell family, was Immigrants to Essex County, MA (was re: Eliz. Mills/NGSQ)
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 21:23:09 +0800

John Steele Gordon wondered whether this Anne Russell belongs to the Earls
of Bedford's family. Here is what I have :

1.Anne Russell
died 8 April 1639 Worcester House

2.John Russell, Lord Russell
died 1584
marriage contract 12 December 1574
3.Elizabeth Cooke
buried 2 June 1609 Bisham

4.Francis Russell, 2nd Earl of Bedford
born 1527
died 28 July 1585 Bedford House, The Strand
5.Margaret St.John
died 27 August 1562 Woburn, Beds.

6.Sir Anthony Cooke, of Gidea Hall, Essex
born 1504
died 11 June 1576
7.Anne FitzWilliam

8.John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford
born circa 1485
died 14 March 1555 The Strand, Midx.
married 1526
9.Anne Sapcote
died 14 March 1559

10.Sir John St.John of Bletshoe
11.Margaret Waldegrave

12.John Cooke, of Gidea Hall
died 10 October 1515
13.Alice Saunders

14.Sir William FitzWilliam, of Milton
died 8 September 1534
15.Anne Hawes

16.James Russell, of Kingston Russell
died 1509
17.Anne Wyse

18.Sir Guy Sapcote
19.Margaret Wolston

20.John St.John, of Bletshoe
died before 23 May 1525 (date will proven)
21.Sybil of Gwent-Iscoed

22.Sir William Waldegrave, of Smallbridge
died 30 January 1528
married before 1483
23.Margery Wentworth
buried 7 May 1540

24.Sir Philip Cooke, of Gidea Park
born 1454
died 7 December 1503
25.Elizabeth Belknap

26.William Saunders

28.John FitzWilliam, of Gainspark
29.Eleanor Villiers

30.Sir John Hawes

32.John Russell
died 1505
33.Alice Froxmere

34.John Wyse, of Sydenham, Dorset
35.Thomasine Fulford

40.Sir John St.John, of Bletsho
41.Alice Bradshaigh

42.Morgan ap Jenkin ap Philip of Pencoed

44.Sir Thomas Waldegrave
born circa 1441
died 29 April 1472
45.Elizabeth Fray

46.Sir Henry Wentworth, of Codham, Essex
died 22 March 1483
47.Elizabeth Howard

48.Sir Thomas Cooke
died before 1 June 1478 (date will proven)
49.NN Malpas

50.Henry Belknap
born 1435
died 3 July 1488
51.Margaret Knollys

58.William Villiers, of Brokesby
born 1408
died 1481
59.Joan Bellers


Burke's Peerage (1938 edition)

The Complete Peerage

The lineage and ancestry of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
by Gerald Paget

Woburn and the Russells
London, 1980
by Georgiana Blakiston

The Royal Lineage of Our Noble and Gentle Families
London, 1884.
by Joseph Foster

Any corrections or additions gratefully received.
Best wishes
Leo van de Pas
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Subject: Russell family, was Immigrants to Essex County, MA (was re: Eliz.

> Leo van de Pas wrote:
> > The first ancestor of the Earls and Dukes of Bedford PROVEN BY
> > EVIDENCE was Stephen Russell, who flourished at Weymouth at the end of
> > fourteenth century. He may have owned a barge; his son Henry certainly
> > and other ships as well. Very little is known about Stephen, and that
> > is derives from the records of the lawsuits in which he engaged, sueing
> > successfully for recognition of his wife Alice's claim to parcels of
> > etc. (snip) It can be assumed that Stephen Russell was a person of some
> > consequence---since he had been able to make a match with a woman of
> > fortune--and that he was respected as a citizen, for he was sent to
> > Westminster as member for Weymouth in 1394----
> Leo (or anyone else), would you know how John Russell, Lord Russell,
> whose daughter and heir, Anne Russell, married Henry Somerset, 5th earl
> and 1st marquess of Worcester (1576-1646), fits into the family of the
> earls and dukes of Bedford, if he does at all? See Faris II, p. 335.
> Many thanks,
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