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From: "Leo van de Pas" <>
Subject: Diversary tactics - One
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 23:51:01 +0800

To confuse some, I will tell a story, and to annoy others, sorry,
it starts in the present.

According to Burke's Peerage, 1999 edition page 1250, in Paris lives a boy, born in 1985, with a wonderful Greek name, Stavros Niarchos. This name conjures up money and oil-fleets. Sadly, little is known about his paternal line, but then, what is known about his maternal line? Quite a lot actually.

1.Stavros Niarchos
born 1985

2.Philipos Niarchos
married in 1984
3.Victoria Christina Guinness
born 30 January 1960

And there you have it, in Paris lives a boy with a Greek father and an Irish mother. Ooops did I say Irish mother?

4.Stavros Niarchos
born 3 July 1909 Piraeus
died 15 April 1996 in Switzerland

Stavros first married Eugenia Livanos, but was also married
to Charlotte Ford, of the American Ford Dynasty as well as
to Tina Livanos, his first wife's sister and divorced from Aristotle Onasis, who in turn was married to Jaqueline Kennedy and courted Maria Callas.

5.Eugenia Livanos

6.Patrick Benjamin Guinness
born 10 March 1931
died 5 October 1965 nr Raron, Wallis (in a car crash)
married 22 October 1955 Paris
7.Freiin Dolores von Fuerstenberg
born 31 July 1936 Berlin-Charlottenberg

As Patrick Benjamin's father was married to the mother of Dolores, this means that Patrick Benjamin was married to his

10. Stavros Livanos

12.Loel Guinness
born 9 June 1906
died 31 December 1988
married 4 July 1927 Divorced 1936
13.Hon. Joan Yarde-Buller
born 22 April 1908
died 25 April 1997

After her divorce Joan married Prince Aly Khan and became the mother of the present Aga Khan.

14.Franz Egon, Count von Fuerstenberg-Herdringen
born 13 April 1896 Dahlhausen
died 16 September 1975 Montreux, Switzerland
married 4 October 1935 Kensington
15.Gloria Rubio y Alatorre
born 27 August 1912 Vera Cruz, Mexico
died November 1980 Lausanne

24.Benjamin Seymour Guinness
born 18 November 1868
died 15 December 1947
married 9 December 1902
25.Bridget Henrietta Frances Williams-Bulkeley
died 5 January 1931

26.John Yarde-Buller, 3rd Lord Churston
born 9 November 1873
died 19 April 1930 Laleham House, Midx.
married 24 April 1907 London Div.1928
27.Jessie Smither
died 20 October 1960

Jessie Smither was a musical comedy star, using the name Denise Orme, but could be as abrupt as anyone born to the style. If she found a bore amongst her guests, she would go to the chair in which he was comfortably installed, shake him by the hand, and say, "I'm sorry you're going. Do come again," pull him out of the chair and propel him backwards to the door. However, the Duke of Bedford described her as "one of the most enchanting and fascinating characters I have ever met."
She married three times: first, on 24 April 1907 in London, with The Hon. John Yarde-Buller who, in 1910, became the third Lord Churston. Amongst her six children were a Duchess of Bedford and Princess Joan Aly Khan. However, in 1928, they divorced and, on 31 October 1928, she married Theodore William Wessel. After his death she married again, on 11 March 1946 in London, to Edward FitzGerald, 7th Duke of Leinster.

28.Engelbert Egon, Count von Fuerstenberg-Herdringen
born 7 November 1850 Herdringen
died 1 October 1918 Herdringen
married 26 September 1893 Falkenberg
29.Countess Maria Pia von Praschma, Freiin von Bilkau
born 4 May 1869 Falkenberg
died ??????

30.Jose Rafael Rubio
31.Dolores Alatorre

48.Richard Seymour Guinness
born 28 April 1826
died 2 December 1915
married 30 July 1857
49.Elizabeth Jane Darley
died 1906

50.Sir Richard Williams-Bulkeley, 11th Baronet
born 20 May 1833
died 28 January 1884
married 12 August 1866
51.Margaret Elizabeth Williams
died 10 August 1909

52.John Yarde-Buller, 2nd Lord Churston
born 26 October 1846
died 30 November 1910 Lupton House
married 23 September 1872 Episcopal Church Kilmarnock
53.The Hon. Barbara Yelverton
born 12 January 1849 Efford House, Hants
died 1 October 1924

54.Alfred John Smither
55.Jessie Morison

58.Friedrich Count von Praschma, Freiherr von Bilkau
born 20 March 1833 Falkenberg
died 25 December 1909 Falkenberg
married 1 September 1866 Brauna
59.Elisabeth Countess zu Stolberg-Stolberg
born 28 September 1843 Brauna
died 20 May 1918 Falkenberg

96.Robert Rundell Guinness
born 12 December 1789
died 7 March 1857
married 12 November 1822
97.Mary Anne Seymour
died July 1837

98.Rev.John Darley
99.Susanna Guinness 1804-1836

100.Sir Richard Williams-Bulkeley, 10th Baronet
born 23 September 1801
died 28 August 1875
married 30 August 1832
101.Maria Frances Stanley-Massey-Stanleley
died 4 March 1889

102.Lt.-Col. Thomas Peers Williams, of Temple House
born 27 March 1795
died 7 September 1875
married 27 August 1835
103.Emily Bacon
died 24 November 1876

104.The Hon John Yarde-Buller
born 23 December 1823
died 6 May 1867
married 1 January 1845
105.Charlotte Chandos-Pole
died 15 March 1895

106.Sir Hastings Reginald Henry Yelverton, Admiral
died 23 July 1878
married 9 April 1845 Harbledown, Kent
107.Barbara Yelverton, 20th Baroness Grey de Ruthyn
born 29 May 1810 Brandon House
died 19 November 1858 Rome

118.Count Cajus zu Stolberg-Stolberg
born 27 July 1797 Eutin, Holstein
died 7 April 1874 Brauna, Saxony
married 9 May 1829 Wissen, Rheinland
119.Freiin Marie Sophie von Loe
born 26 May 1804 Wissen, Rheinland
died 1 March 1871 Falkenberg

To be continued

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