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From: Renia Simmonds <>
Subject: Re: Peter De Grey/Grey b.@1481
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 23:51:15 +0100

I don't know what level of academia you think you are dealing with here,
but it's very high. There are well-read and researched people here, who
have come across well-researched and familiar sources, who are trying to
help you, by process of elimination, and because they don't agree with
what you hope to find, you accuse them of negativity or point-scoring.
Academic research is not comprised of negativity, but of proof.

When searching the English (or any) medieval period, it is vital to know
and learn about the social history and customs of the day. Certain classes
of people just would not do certain things, or marry certain types of
people, put in the simplest of terms. You have already been told, for
example, that at that time, priests did not marry (just as Catholic
priests do not marry today).

Something else you may not appreciate, is just how common the Grey surname
is in Britain. There were almost 50,000 of them (Grey/Gray) in the 1881
census, from all over England, Scotland and Wales. For comparison, there
were only 38 Gristons, mostly from the northern counties.


Roz Griston wrote:

> hit, point and score. i'm not a student of the magna charta. which
> doesn't mean, i don't appreciate the information. it just means, its
> extraneous detail at the moment.
> if, at sometime in the future there proves to be a need to learn more
> about it; i will research it. moreover, i will ask questions to
> confirm or deny my findings.
> prior to march 2000, i knew diddly about the medieval period, other
> than what i absorbed by osmosis in school, or read in historical
> novels.
> and hang on to your prof's hats! because, prior to dec/99 i knew
> nothing about the proper proceedures for genealogical research.
> the good news is: i think critically and creatively. learn fast, and
> possess excellent research skills. i have an open mind and not a hole
> in my head.
> so shall we move on. and if you hate my typing style. you have my
> permission to hit the delete button. but, right now, my interest is in
> finding peter 1481 and his occupation.
> in conclusion, i do sincerely appreciate any and all information and
> leads that will confirm or deny his existance and/or relationship to
> the parallel peter.
> roz
> >so, yes william i was in error that henry de grey signed the magna
> >charta, but there is a very strong possibility he was in attendance
> >during the signing.
> He couldn't have been "in attendance" during the signing of the Magna
> Charta, as the Magna Charta was not signed.
> William Addams Reitwiesner
> "Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc."

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