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Subject: Murder and the Crown
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 18:24:12 GMT

Upon investigation of Dr. Richard Edwards I find evidences first
leading to the fact that his mothers family recieved grants and he
himself raised in the royal household by Henry VIII and made his way at
the Court of Queen Elizabeth I. If he was a natural son of Henry VIII,
why was he murdered and by whom?

"O Death thou stoodste in dread that Edwards by his Art and wisedome
would have escapte thy shaft and fled thy furious Dart. This fear
enforste thy fist thy cursed Bow to bende, and let the fatall arrow
flie that Edwards life did ende...the chiefest of your train, (....the
man that Edwards...) by cruell death is slaine." P143

"An Epitaph of Maister Edwards sometime Maister of the Children of
The Chappell, and gentleman of Lyncolns Inne of Court by George

"... the brutish blows of beasts to take thy sport. And not in
furious wise, with haste and hedlong rage to kill the flowre of all our
Realms and Phoenix of our age . The fact doth crie revenge, the Gods
repay thine bire,..." PP78-79

"An Epitaph upon the death of the worshipfull Mayster Richarde
Edwardes late Mayster of the Children in the Queenes Majesties
Chappell. by Thos. Twyne"

Tubervile, George. Epitaphs, Epigrams, Songs, and Sonets.

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