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From: John Steele Gordon <>
Subject: Re: Royal Descent of Americans
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 14:19:02 GMT

"D. Spencer Hines" wrote:
> Recte:
> And Edward II's descendants are also covered in Faris I and II.

Only if they are descendants of Edward III. Faris II traces 17 lines
back to Henry III, 132 back to Edward I, and 30 back to Edward III. None
to Edward II. Of Edward II's four children, John died s.p. at age 20.
Joan married David II, King of Scots, but also d.s.p. (David II was
succeeded by his half-nephew, Robert Stewart) That leaves only Alianor,
who married Reynold II, Duke of Gueldres. I know not what progeny she
may have produced or whether her line survived for any length of time. I
would be happy to hear.

> But, another significant group of emigrants from the Old World to the
> New World have Royal Descents from monarchs BEFORE Henry III ---- for
> example, Henry II, Louis IV, Alfred The Great, Hugh Capet,
> Charlemagne -- and many others. Those lines do not necessarily appear
> in Faris's _Plantagenet Ancestry II_.

Henry II's bastard William Longspee is the Kilroy of English royal
genealogy. He shows up in line after line after line.


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