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Subject: Re: I know this is a LONG shot, but....
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 21:49:14 +0800

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> At 3:53 PM (as timed on my computer) "D. Spencer Hines" wrote:
> > Is Colonel John Washington shown as descended from Edward III through
> > his Father, The Reverend Lawrence Washington, Oxon. A.B. 1623, or his
> > Mother, Amphyllis Twigden?
> At 5:20 PM (as timed on my computer) "D. Spencer Hines" wrote:
> > Someone who has Faris II at hand, could you please respond to this
> > question? JSG appears to be ignoring it.
> Well, they say that no good deed goes unpunished. I offered to look up
> names in Faris II and I get the above for my pains.
> In answer to the question, John Washington's descent from Edward III
> comes through the Rev. Lawrence Washington. No ancestry for Amphyllis
> Twigden is given in Faris II beyond her parents.

Shock Horror, Dear John and Spencer, do tell me, is Faris the Bible? Don't
you look any further? I believe Amphilis Twigden to be a "cousin" of Lady
Diana Spencer, sharing the Spencer ancestry with her------and if that is not
enough, she also shares ancestors with Prince Charles himself.

Any additions or corrections will be gratefully received :

1.Amphilis Twigden
baptised 2 February 1601 (or 1602) Spratton, Northamp.
buried 12 January 1655 Tring, Hertfordshire

2.John Twigden, of Little Creaton
died 8 December 1610/26 January 1611 Little Creaton
3.Anne Dickens
buried April 1637 Tring, Hertfordshire

4.Thomas Twigden
died 2 January 1580/2 Oct.1580 Little Creaton
5.NN Watts

6.William Dickens
died 15 August 1583/30 Jan.1584 Great Creaton
married 16 June 1573 Newnham, Northamptonshire
7.Ann Thornton
buried 27 December 1614 Spratton, Northampt.

14.Henry Thornton, of Newnham
died 1556
15.Anne Wilmer

28.John Thornton, of Newnham
29.Lettice Newnham

30.William Wilmer
31.Julian Spencer

62.William Spencer, of Badby

124.Thomas Spencer

248.William Spencer, of Rodborne
249.Elizabeth Empson

496.John Spencer, of Hodnell

498.Peter Empson

Burke's Landed Gentry

Burke's Presidential families of the USA
London, 1975

The Lineage and Ancestry of
HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
Edinburgh, 1977
by Gerald Paget

Ancestors of American Presidents
1995, Boston
by Gary Boyd Roberts

Debrett's Book of Royal Children
1982, London
by Charles Kidd, Patrick Montague-Smit

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