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From: John Steele Gordon <>
Subject: Re: Royal Descent of Americans
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 21:26:26 GMT

"D. Spencer Hines" wrote:

> Perhaps John Steele Gordon will clarify this for us.
> He says he has an ascent from the Colonel John Washington who married
> Anne Pope to Edward III.
> The George Reade ascent to Edward III does not pass through Colonel John
> Washington, as you point out.

I'm sorry but I misread Faris in my hurry the other day.

Col. John Washington is a descendant of Edmund Sutton and his first
wife, Joyce Tiptoft, not his second wife, Maud Clifford, who has the
Edward III descent. So while John Washington has a number of Edward I
descents, and at least one Henry III, he has no descents from Edward III
given in Faris II.

I apologize to anyone who was misled by my carelessness.

Hines, I'm sure, will now strut about like the RAF rooster in Chicken
Run, waggling his tail feathers and crowing in triumph. I hope he enjoys


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