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From: Roz Griston <>
Subject: RE: BC Aboriginal people and Viking connections????
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 10:31:41 -0700

perhaps you are thinking in modern terms..the last 500 years or so.

i can actually envision such a trek taking less than 10 years..and not
necessarily all a polar route. how long did it take louis and clark to
go across america?

if these viking people were captured and traded/sold or perhaps even
befriended by the natives..i do not see the land journey across the
continent as being an investigative exploration..more of a migration.

who knows perhaps they were outlawed vikings and they were motivated to
flee. we'll probably never know. i do know what i was told by a native
person..and actually it was about 5 natives who spent a great deal of
time with me teaching me how to properly pronouce the silent t of their
language. i wasn't doing a university thesis..i was just getting to
know some very interesting people on a one to one level.

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>I am curious which aboriginal nation you mean (tribe is not a
terminolgy used in BC). I work full time for Aborginal people in BC
and I have never heard of fair skinned/red haired aboriginal people in
>As to history, I knwo of no Aborginal nations in BC that do not have
an oral history that long predates contact with europeans.
>The only 'external' contact before about 1750 that I am aware of in BC
relates to the Gitksan of NW BC who are remarkably similiar to the Ainu
of Japan and their oral history speaks of them coming from there.
>The chance that the Vikings could have made it accross all of North
America is beyond remote and then they would have not survived long as
outsiders among the varied nations of BC.
>I would love the name of who these people are and where this
archeological work may be taking place.

French needed about 140 years to go across the continent from a
small town. I can't believe some vikings from a ship could
follow the same road. You would need time to learn the
natives languages (east coast and plains natives are using
different languages) to ask for the road. Spanish explored
the continent from the Mississippi, i.e. directly from boats.
But to go from East to West is more complex.

Chances of surviving to the polar roads are small but not zero.
If vikings actually reached the West coast, it must be by the see.


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