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From: "Leo van de Pas" <>
Subject: Re: Roger Mortimer's Children
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 05:33:35 +0800

Dear Cris,
Don't worry. I do appreciate criticism, as it is one way for me to double
check my information. I do make mistakes or have typographical errors. By
making me double check I can only feel more secure when it turns out that I
need to correct or that my information is correct after all.

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Subject: Re: Roger Mortimer's Children

> "Leo van de Pas" <> -
> >Dear Cris,
> >Many thanks for your remarks, it is always good double-checking things. I
> >think, as with most, you work on a family tree and there are not many who
> >have a chance to have their work checked, and for that I am grateful.
> >I think it is an important function of this group to correct
> >errors displayed. In the past I had tested my two positive lines from the
> >Merovingians to later families and via those to the present. I was
> >when the errors were pointed out and both lines were wrong.
> >
> >Lets start with Roger who died in 1282 and should be the father of the
> >Edmund who married Elizabeth Badlesmere.
> >
> >Edmund married in 1316 Elizabeth Badlesmere, and was born in 1305 or
> >see CP IX page 284. This must leave out that Roger. However:
> >Roger Mortimer
> >died in 1282
> >married Maud de Braose, daughter of William de Braose,
> >Lord of Brecknock, and Eve Marshal
> >I have two children for them
> >Isabel who married (1) John Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel
> >(2) Ralph de Aderne and (3) Robert de Hastings
> >and
> >Sir Edmund Mortimer, Lord of Wigmore, born in 1251
> >I think you swapped those two combinations of an Edmund having a father
> >called Roger?
> >This Sir Edmund is the father of Roger, 1st Earl of March,
> >and lover of Queen Isabella. It was the son of 1st Earl of March named
> >Edmund who married Elizabeth Badlesmere.
> >
> >Now Joan, you think that Roger, who died in 1214, is the father of Joan
> >married James de Audley. CP volume I page 339. This shows James de Audley
> >(or Aldithley) 2nd Lord Audley, married before 13 June 1330 Joan daughter
> >Roger (Mortimer) 1st Earl of March, by Joan, daughter of
> >Piers de Joinville, which Earl had been his guardian.
> >
> >Please double check, I hope you agree with me, but if you don't please
> >us all, as it is important to have these connections correct. Especially
> >Edmund who married Elizabeth Badlesmere is important, as his son married
> >Philippa of Clarence, granddaughter of King Edward III.
> >
> >Best wishes
> >Leo van de Pas
> Leo - you are entirely right and I was entirely out of line. Please
> don't anyone listen to anything I ever say when writing from the USA,
> where I invariably revert to genetype in the spirit of free
> enterprise and jump in where under my UK hat I'm customarily at least
> wise enough not to tread. My heartfelt apologies to you and any who
> (unlike you) may have been sidetracked by my unsightly behaviour!
> I'll try to keep my digital trap shut (i.e. my foot out of my mouth)
> till I get back to England and reality.
> Cris

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