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Subject: JACKSON, Anthony (1599-1666)
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 16:54:52 EDT

Having recently been given a lineage that leads back to Edward III of
England, I subscribed to this group and have been reading the postings of
this group for several weeks now. I am impressed with the scholarship of the
group and their willingness to share their knowledge.

The consensus seems to be that most lineages fail at the point of immigration
from England. Can anyone help with this line? The citation I was given for
the two most recent generations is Jackson Family Genealogy by William Ross
Cooper and Francis Jackson Baldwin (FHL #1011926, Item 1). This film does
not circulate to Family History Centers and I have been unable to get a copy.

1. Edward III of England (1312-1377) + Philippa of Hainault (1312-1369)
2. Lionel of Antwerp (1338-1368) + Elizabeth de Burgh (1332-1363)
3. Philippa d/o Lionel (1355-1382) + Edward Mortimer (1351-1381)
4. Elizabeth Mortimer (1371-1417) + Henry Percy (1364-1403)
5. Elizabeth Percy (d 1437) + John de Clifford (ca 1388-1421)
6. Mary de Clifford (b. 1404) + Philip Wentworth (1424-1464)
7. Elizabeth Wentworth + Martin de la See
8. Joan de la See (d. 1528) + Peter (Piers) Hildyard (ca 1460-1500)
9. Christopher Hildyard (1490-1538) + Margaret Coningsby
10 Martin Hildyard (ca 1511-ca 1545) + Emma Rudston
11 Richard Hildyard (ca 1532-ca 1602) + Jane Thwenge
12 Ursula Hildyard (b. ca 1565) + Richard Jackson ((ca 1570-ca 1613)
13 Anthony Jackson (b. 1599 Yorkshire - d 1666 Ireland) + unknown
14 Anthony Jackson (ca 1628 Lancashire -aft 1688 Co. Cavan, Ireland + unknown

The story I have is that the Anthony Jackson b. 1599 in Yorkshire was,
because of his support of the Stewarts, taken prisoner by Cromwell and
imprisoned in the Tower of London for 8 years under charge of treason. By
then his property had been confiscated and he was penniless when released.
His two younger sons, Richard and Anthony had supported Cromwell and for that
support were in 1648 granted manor estates of confiscated lands in Ireland
(County Armagh). The younger Anthony was an early convert to Quakerism in
Ireland and later removed to Chester Co. Pennsylvania.

Thanks for any help.

Betty Marsicek

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