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Subject: Re: Which Agatha? == and her sister, Anna?
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> Has anyone any knowledge about this?
> NOT guessing. I can guess for myself.
> I mean: Have you read anything anywhere that might explain it.
> Jean Coeur de Lapin

Not sure where this comes from, but it indicates the marriage was the result
of Henry seeking a Franco-Russian alliance.

Henry (Henri) I, King of France from 1031 to 1060, was born about 1008, died
in 1060 in Vitry-aux-Loges (Vitry-en-Brie), buried at St. Denis. He was the
Duke of Burgundy 1015-1031. He is the least-known of all the Capetian Kings;
no one wrote about him in his lifetime, and the destruction of the archives
shortly after his time has left a huge blank over this period. All that is
known is that his mother, Queen Constance, contested his right to the throne,
which she wanted to go to Robert; this resulted in a war between the two
brothers, of which little is known. Henry won it by buying the support of his
vassals, which cost him French Vexin and the total renunciation of the duchy
of Burgundy in favor of his brother, in 1034. Without the benefit of the
coronation it is likely that Henry, who appears to have been a mediocre man,
would have been brushed aside. But the anointing brought him respect and won
time for, concessions. Managing to remain in power is after all a sign of
stability, and despite the obscurity of his reign it saw a strengthening of
the dynasty. He was crowned co-king with his father in 1026. He married (1)
Matilda, daughter of Emperor Conrad II, niece of Emperor Henry II. of
Germany. The most interesting aspect of Henry's life was his attempt to bring
about a Franco-Russian alliance by marriage. According to one record he then
married (2) Matilda, daughter of Mgve Liudorf of Friesland. After the death
of his second wife Matilda in 1044, he married, rather late in life in Riems
in 1051, (3) Anne of Kiev, daughter of Yaroslav, the Russian head of state,
and granddaughter of Valdimir I of Kiev, in Russia.

Always optimistic--Dave

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