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From: Janko Pavsic <>
Subject: RE: Which Agatha? == and her sister, Anna?
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 06:45:25 GMT

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(Stewart, Peter) wrote:
> A PS to my earlier post about Anna of Kiev: I remember reading
> that the French royal family knew nothing at all of her country, and
> she arrived from Russia were half expecting her to be a savage - but
then it
> turned out that she was the only one among them who could read &
> Does anyone know if that is true?
> Peter Stewart
Yes, she could read and write. And we must remember that Rurikids
(prince since 862) were more prestigious and powerfull than Capetian
(kings since 987). Ref. for more info.: Anne de Kiev, reine de France
et la politique royale au XIe sicle, Paul-Henri Bautier, Revue des
tudes slaves, LVII 1985 p. 539-564.

Janko Pavsic

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