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Subject: Keynes, Kaynes, Cahaignes, Crescy, Cressy
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 00:48:56 GMT

From: (Colin Bevan)

>From Manuscript Pedigree of the Kaynes Family by William Flower,
Norroy of Arms, 1581

1.William de Cahaignes also known as Kaynes holder of land in
2.Robert de Cahaignes
3.William de Cahaignes commonly known as Kaynes, lord of
Midleton Kaynes
4.Robert Kaynes de Midleton
5.Lucas Kaynes de Midleton Kaynes son and heir of
Robert d.1259
6.John Kaynes de Midleton Kaynes aged 26 in
1259 [1233-1283]
7. Robert Kaynes de Midleton Kaynes
8. Margaret Kaynes
+ Philip Aylesbury
5. William Kaynes
6.William Kaynes
7.Robert Kaynes
8. Letitia Kaynes
10. Matilda
+ de Crescy
11.John Crescy
12. John Crescy
13. John Crescy

Originali de anno 36 H 6 rotulo octavo
Isabella uxor Tho'ae Chaworth militis una filiarum Tho'ae de
Aylesbury filii Joh'is filii Thomae, filii Margarettae filiae
Roberti de Kaynes filii Joh'is filii Lucae fratris Willi de
Kaynes, patris Willi patris Roberti patris Letitiae matris
Laurencii patris Matildis matris Johannis patris Joh'is Crescy Et
Eleonara quae fuit uxor Humfridi Stafford mil: altera filiarum
praedictei Tho'ea Aylesbury ac consanguinea & altera heredum
ejusdem Johannis Crescy

Does anyone know who Letitia Kaynes married?

Keats-Rohan says of William de Cahaignes in 'Domesday People' p.472
"Norman, from Cahaignes, Calvados, arr. Vire, cant.
Aunay-sur-Odon. Major tenant of Robert of Mortain in several
Domesday counties. He was Sheriff of Northamptonshire in 1086,
and again in the early years of Henry I. His widow Adelicia made
a grant for his soul to Lewes priory, with the assent of their
son Hugh (Mon. Ang. v,14). His lands were divided between his
three sons, of whom Hugh held the forest of Northamptonshire in


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