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Subject: Re: Objet : Legends of a Coppock/Ceapach marraige, & also a MacArthur link, on the Bruce line
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 18:53:29 -0000

"Annie Natalelli-Waloszek" <> wrote in message
> Hello
> I'm trying to follow out a lead in a book by Alvin Anderson, where he says
that the Coppock line had married into the Bruce royal line... although I
have always thought the Coppocks were descended from a sept of the McDonells
of Keppoch, bearing the surname Ceapach (Gaelic form of Coppock, both mean
"field" I remembered finding the surname once as a sept of Donald...
however, I have never seen it in an official septs list... for either

The Keppochs are a major part of Clan Donald, also known as the Clanranald
of Lochaber. The lands of Lochaber were granted to Angus Og Macdonald of the
Isles by Robert Bruce in 1309, the lands having previously been part of the
Comyn lordship of Badenoch. Good John Macdonald, 1st Lord of the Isles and
Angus Og's son bestowed them on his 4th son by his (John's) 2nd marriage to
the Princess Margaret Stewart: Alasdair Carrach Macdonald, 1st of Keppoch
(or Ceapach in Gaelic). In the 17th Century, the Keppochs took up the
fashion of spelling their surname as Macdonell. The line from Robert 1
Bruce, King of Scots to Alasdair Carrach Macdonald, 1st of Keppoch is as

1 Robert 1 Bruce of Scots, King b: 11 July 1274 in Turnberry, Ayrshire,
Scotland d: 7 June 1329 in Cardross Castle, Strathclyde, Scotland o: 27
March 1306 King of Scots 1306 - 1329
. +Isabel of Mar m: 1296 d: Bef. 1302
2 Marjorie Bruce, Princess b: Abt. 1297 d: 2 March 1316 in Paisley,
Renfrewshire, Scotland
... +Walter Stewart, Sir b: 1293 m: 1315 d: 9 April 1326 o: 6th High
Steward of Scotland
3 Robert 2 Stewart of Scots, King b: 2 March 1316 in Paisley,
Renfrewshire, Scotland d: 19 April 1390 in Dundonald Castle, Ayrshire,
Scotland o: King of Scots 1371 - 1390
Wife of Robert 2 Stewart of Scots, King:
.... +Elizabeth Mure of Rowallan m: Abt. 1347 d: Abt. 1355
. 4 Margaret Stewart, Princess b: Bef. 1348
..... +John Macdonald of the Isles, Lord b: Bef. 1324 m: Abt. 1358 d: 1387
o: 1st Lord of the Isles
.. 5 Alasdair Carrach 1 Macdonald of Keppoch b: Bef. 1380 d: 1440 o: 1st
of Keppoch

While there are Ceapachs who migrated south and took the names Coppock and
Keppock, I think your Thomas may be a bit early to be a migrating Macdonald
of Keppoch.

Yours aye

Roddy K Macdonald
Edinburgh, Scotland Home of the Clan Donald Genealogy

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