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From: (Reedpcgen)
Subject: Re: Father of Amy de Gaveston
Date: 16 Jan 2001 20:18:39 GMT
References: <J7196.6240$>

I would make a public comment. Though well intentioned, Todd's article (1)
ignores important evidence, dismissing it out of hand, and (2) makes
assumptions not warranted, asserting them as fact.

It is important when dealing with Medieval documents and evidence to study
their creation and the laws on which they were based. I cited to many sources,
such as Maitland and the Selden Society, and these sources and the discussion
contained therein seem to be being ignored.

One doesn't equate a chronicle and a fine with the same weight of evidence.
And if one is going to make definitive conclusions about chronicles such as the
life of Edward II, one should be aware of recent scholarly studies, such as
those in Anglo-Norman Studies, which may counter such conclusions.

Again, my conclusion is that the information is being looked at in too
superficial a manner, and not being interpreted according to the laws and
practice of the period in which they occurred.

Paul C. Reed

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