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Subject: Re: Edward I Patent (1288) for Sale on Ebay
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 01:59:51 -0000
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I requested that he send me a copy of the scan, but he has not, so far
as I know.

I've certainly not received it.

Possible Forgery?

And yes, its provenance is important.

Was it stolen from the PRO?

Open questions all.

D. Spencer Hines

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"Renia" <> wrote in message
| Very unusual. Edward I was never King of Scotland or Ireland, though
not for want
| of trying.
| In 1288, the year of the auctioned document, there was a Regency in
Scotland, due
| to youth of the queen, Margaret of Norway, and because of doubts as to
| suitability to the throne, for Scotland had never before had a queen.
Edward I did
| not involve himself heavily in Scots affairs, until Margaret's father,
the King of
| Norway, approached him in 1289. Happy arrangements were made for her
to marry
| Edward I's son, but she died in 1290, and this put Scotland into
turmoil. As he was
| a stickler for propriety and had political integrity, I doubt that he
ever styled
| himself "King of Scotland", particularly when there was a young queen
on the
| throne, and when there was an active Regency.
| In Letters Patent dated 1291, the rival claimants of the Scottish
Crown, granted
| the Kingdom to Edward I, pending his judgment on their respective
rights, wherein
| they state "Whereas, we of our good will and common assent, and
without any
| compulsion, have granted and conceded to the noble Prince, Sir Edward,
by the grace
| of God King of England, that he, as Sovereign Lord of the land of
Scotland, may
| hear, try, and determine our claims and demands, that we intend to
shew forth and
| aver, to our right in the kingdom of Scotland, and thereupon to
receive justice
| before him as Sovereign Lord of the land....."
| A little later, in 24 Ed I, in the Ragman Rolls, Edward is styled
"King of England,
| Lord of Ireland, and Duke of Aquitaine." The highest he could ever
have styled
| himself was "Lord of Scotland", but only after 1291.
| This leads to the question of why his brother-in-law, (the
| France-based) John of Brittany was in Scotland, and how he came to be
captured in
| or before 1288. There is no mention of this in CP's quite wordy
biography of John
| of Brittany, Earl of Richmond, which states that on the last of his
four seals, in
| 1275, 1276, he styled himself only Duke of Brittany (if I am reading
it correctly).
| Food for thought.
| Renia
| Richard Cochran wrote:
| > I noticed an unusual item on Ebay for sale today. It might have
| > genealogical interest to some. The item has been scanned and
| > as follows:
| >
| > "Edward, by the grace of God king of England, Scotland, Ireland,
Duke of
| > Aquitane, to all his vassals and faithful servants, to them the
| > letter shall
| > come [...]. Known that as our well-beloved kinsman and faithful
servant John of
| > Bretagne, Count of Richmond, on our service was lately taken by the
Scots and
| > is til now detained by them. Therefore with a view to the [...] of
| > to the
| > Count aforesaid we have prescribed and granted to Thomas of Hencotes
| > Richard of Swaffham during his absence to act as attorneys for him
and his
| > county, settling or forwarding on behalf of the Count himself, or
| > County, in
| > any courts of England. And we have further granted that the
aforesaid Thomas
| > or Richard or either of them being present in lieu of the Count
| > being able
| > to appoint as attorney whomever (in plural or singular) they desire
in our
| > court
| > before us in all such suits and plaints, to prosecute or defend,
initiate a
| > forward
| > [...] in the same year as aforesaid. In witness to such matters we
have had
| > these
| > letters to be prepared to be valid for one year and to be of no
| > after the
| > arrival at the Court in England after [...] his delivery from the
hands of
| > the Scots
| > --- By Me, at Thorp Episcopi, the Eleventh Day of June, in the
| > Year of
| > My Reign [1288]."
| >
| > The item [Ebay # #548075028] is up to over $800, and going soon. I
have a
| > copy of the scan (Ebay generally purges them soon after the sale) if
| > anyone's interested.
| >
| > Richard Cochran
| > Big Rapids, MI

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