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In "Pedigrees of Anglesey and Carnarvonshire Families" by John Edwards
Griffith, 1914 ed. p. 309,

Gruffydd ap Llewelyn = Sinenna, d. of Cariadog ap Thomas ap Rhodri ap Owen
Gwynedd; others say she was the daughter of Reinallt, King of Man. had 5
-Owen Goch.
-Llewelyn ap Gruffydd, the last prince of Wales, ob 1282 = Eleanor, d. of
Simon Montford, Elar of Leicester.
-Sir David, Kt., of whom are descended the Lloyds of Trallwyn.
-Gwladys = Rhys ap Rhys Mechyll

Llewelyn ap Gruffyd=Eleanor, d. of Simon Montfort show one child
-Catherine (in some books Eleanor) = Philip ap Ivor, Lord of Iscoed,
Cardiganshire. had child:
-Eleanor Goch = Thomas ap Llewelyn ap Owen, of South Wales, p. 106
had three children:
-Eleanor, co-h's = Gruffydd Vychan ap Gruffydd, of Rhyddallt
-Margaret, co-h's, 2nd wife = Sir Tudur ap Grono.
-Helen = William de la Pole, Lord of Mawddwy, alias Willcocks, of Mawddwy.
p. 106, p.295

on page 106 of same book it shows:
Llewelyn ap Gruffydd, last Prince of Wales, slain 1282 = Eleanor, d. of
Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester. had child
-Catherine = Philip ap Ivor Loard of Iscoed, Cardiganshire.
had child:
-Eleanor, sole h's = Thomas ap Llewelyn, heir and representative of the
South Wales Princes. This marriage united the Royal dynasties of North and
South Wales. had three children:

- Lady Margaret, co-h's.2nd wife of Sir Tudur Vychan, of Trecastell,
Penmynydd and Tregayan. p. 309 He 1st Mallt, d. of Madog, of Hendwr = Sir
Tudur Vychan, of Trecastell, Penmynydd and Tregayan, assumed Knighthood, and
changed his arms from Englishman's heads to three closed helmets, argent.
He lived most part at Trecastell, and died there, and was buried in Friars
Chapel, Bangor, Sept. 19, 1367: see Arch Camb., p. 288, vol. 1869.
-Lady Eleanor, co-h's Gruffydd Vychan, Lord of Glyndyfrdwy. p. 282 shows
child Owen Glyndwr, Prince of Wales, 1400-1415; ob: die Sancti Mathei
Apostoli, 1415. pp. 282, 301, 309. (From and old MS at Peniarth.)
-Lady Helen, co-h's = William De-le-pole, Lord of Mawddwy. p. 295

Lady Margaret = Sir Tudur Vychan had children:
-Goronwy Vychan, of Penmynydd, drowned March 23,1382. He was forester of
Snowden, and constable of Beaumaris Castle; bur. at Penmynyyd = Myfanwy, d.
of ..
-Ednyfed Vychan, had trecastell and Tregwehelyth. = .
-Gwilim, had Clorach
-Meredydd. He committed a murder which obliged him to flee his country and
live in exile = Margaret, d. of Sir Dafydd Vychan ap Dafydd Lloyd, of
Trefeilir. pp. 1, 100.
-Rhys, had Tregayan and Ddraenog, ob 1412, bur. with his father at Bangor.
pp 129, 164, and Arch Camb., vol. 4, p. 270. = Gwerfyl. p. 179

Meredydd = Margaret d, of Sir Dafydd Vychan ap Dafydd Lloyd, had children:
-Owen Tudur, he was beheaded in 1461. He 1st = .. had child
He 2nd = Catherine de Valois, d. of Charles VI., King of France, and relict
of Henry Vl., ob. Jan. 3, 1437.
-Agnes = Sir William Norris, of co. Chester. p. 23

Owen Tudur = He 1st... had child:
-Sir David Owen, knighted by his nephew, Henry VII., who also bestowed on
him in marriage Mary (see 2nd) = He 1st. Ann, d. and h's of William Blount.
Harl. MSS 1597. o.s.p. (died with out issue)
= He 2nd. Mary, d. and co-h's of John Bohun, of Midhurst, Sussex.
= He 3rd, Ann, sister of Walter Devereux, Loard Ferrars, of Chartley.

Owen Tudur = He 2nd Catherine de Valois, d. of Charles VI had children:
Edmund Tudor, Hadam, Earl of Richmond, bur. at St. David's cathedral, 1456 =
Lady Margaret Beaufort, d. of Duke of Somerset, ob. 1509, bur at Westminster
Abbey. Edmund = Lady Margaret Beaufort had child: -Henry VII., King of
England, ob. 15069. pp. 299, 304
-Jasper, Earl of Pembroke = Catherine Woodville, d. of Richard, Earl Rivers,
-Owen, a monk, bur. at Westminster Abbey.
-Jecina = Sir Reginald Grey,

Hope this helps.
Becky T.

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> One of the links is fictitious.
> >1. Edward I m. Eleanor Princess of Castile and Leon
> >2. Eleanor Plantagenet m. Henry III Count of Bar
> Eleanor and Henri had a son (Edouard, Henri's successor in Bar), but no
> daughter.
> >3. Eleanor de Bar m. Llewelyn ap Owain
> >4. Thomas ap Llewelyn m. Eleanor of Cardigan
> >5. Margaret verch Thomas m. Tudor Fychan ap Goronwy
> >6. Maredudd ap Tudor m. Margaret Fychan
> >7. Owen Tudor m. Catherine de Valois
> >8. Edmund Tudor m. Margaret Beaufort
> >9. Henry VII
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