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From: "Todd A. Farmerie" <>
Subject: Re: Doggerel
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 02:47:20 -0600
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[note followups]

"Séimí mac Liam" wrote:
> John Steele Gordon <> wrote in message
> > As a great poet once explained, "Every doggerel has its day."
> There was a prof from the Cooks
> who liked to throw verbal left hooks.
> He thought it in vogue
> to use the word "pogue"
> Accompanied by withering looks

An off-topic thread did arise
which should really come as no surprise.
Since I am adverse
to such cross-posted verse,
(as you probably all could surmise)-

could we just discontinue this thread, or
since most is just fit for a shreader
given that it is such,
is it asking to much
to at least use a follow-up header!


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