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From: "omega" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 09:11:56 +1000

I don't know if this message will be posted as is.

Yesterday afternoon, I received a message from "Serban Marin" as sender.
The message was simple, if I remember well "Open attached file" or "See
attached file".
Because it was related to my question in relation to "Domo Maiori", I tried
to open the file (unsaved).
A message that I could not open the DOS file appeared, because the file was
"corrupted" either before posted or during the transfer.

From then on, ALL messages I received (a total of 23) were modified.

The receiver is "Omega" (That's me and my e-mail address) and
The sender is "Omega"; (That's me and my E-mail address)

I am not saying that the attached DOS file created the problem and it may be
a coincidence.
However, allegedly there is a virus who does just that, modify sender and
receiver addresses.

I would like to know if somebody else experienced the same problem and what
did he/she do about it to fix it.

best wishes

Dr George Tsambourakis
Omega Thoroughbreds

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