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Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 20:26:49 +0100
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Why just "who left descendants in England"?

The genes circle around and come back to England and America.

John of Gaunt and Constanza de Castilla.

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"Clagett, Brice" <> wrote in message news:...

| I thought it might be of some interest to work up a list of medieval marriages between
| Englishmen (other than kings) and continental Europeans (other than Frenchwomen,
| defined as women entirely or primarily of French descent) which produced descendants
| in England and thus became part of the gene pool available to Anglo-Saxon Americans.
| I don't think such a list would be very long. Here's a start:
| 1. Edmund Crouchback, Earl of Lancaster, 1245-1296, and Blanche of Artois (French,
| but German and Greek on her mother's side).
| 2. Richard Fitzalan, 1st Earl of Arundel, 1267-1302, and Alasia of Saluzzo (Italian).
| 3. Sir William Montago, K.G., 1st Earl of Salisbury, c. 1302-1344, and Katherine
| Grandson/Grandison (Swiss on her father's side).
| 4. Edmund of Langley, K.G., 1st Duke of York, and Isabel of Castile (Spanish).
| 5. Sir Walter Blount, c. 1348-1403, and Sancha de Ayala (Spanish).
| 6. Sir Simon Felbridge, K.G., c. 1366-1422, and Margaret of Teschen (German-Polish).*
| 7. Sir Richard Wydeville, K.G., 1st Earl Rivers, d. 1469, and Jaquette de Luxembourg
| (more or less French, but largely of Italian, etc., ancestry).
| 8. Sir Thomas Knollys, K.G., governor of Ostend in 1586, and Ottilia de Merode
| (Netherlands).
| Who should be added?
| Sir John Hawkwood, c. 1320-1394, married, apparently as his second wife, Donnina
| Visconti (Italian), but it doesn't seem that that marriage led to any descendants in
| England.
| * It is generally agreed that Felbridge's wife Margaret was daughter of Przemyslaw (Primko),
| Duke of Teschen and Glogau, but the identity of her mother seems uncertain. The duke
| certainly had as wife Elska of Beuthen-Kosel, whose ancestry is known. He may or may
| not have had another wife, Katarzyna. ES 3:16 doesn't show Margaret at all as among
| the Duke's children, and it seems likely that she was illegitimate. Does any one know or
| have an informed guess?

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