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From: (William Addams Reitwiesner)
Subject: Re: Continental genes
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 11:02:08 GMT
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(Rafal T. Prinke) wrote:

>"Clagett, Brice" <> wrote:
>> 6. Sir Simon Felbridge, K.G., c. 1366-1422, and Margaret of Teschen (German-Polish).*
>> * It is generally agreed that Felbridge's wife Margaret was daughter of Przemyslaw (Primko),
>> Duke of Teschen and Glogau, but the identity of her mother seems uncertain. The duke
>> certainly had as wife Elska of Beuthen-Kosel, whose ancestry is known. He may or may
>> not have had another wife, Katarzyna. ES 3:16 doesn't show Margaret at all as among
>> the Duke's children, and it seems likely that she was illegitimate. Does any one know or
>> have an informed guess?
>She is not listed in Jasinski's 3 vols. "Genealogy of Silesian Piasts",
>Where does the information about her come from? Do the English sources
>identify her as a daughter of a duke (I understand from the above
>that her father is not mentioned in sources but assumed as the then
>ruling duke of Cieszyn)?

This is one of those times that a noted genealogist (Evans) makes a wild
and unsupportable guess, and those who read him, and don't know what he's
talking about but know that he's a noted genealogist, simply repeat his
guesswork as if it's solid fact.

Evans' article appeared in *Blackmansbury*, vol. II (1965-66), pp. 3-7.
Sir Simon de Felbrigg married a Margaret, who came to England as one of the
ladies in the retinue of Anne, the Bohemian Princess who married King
Richard II of England in 1382. Sir Simon and Margaret had a daughter,
Helena, who married Sir William Tyndal. Helena and Sir William had s
great-grandson, who claimed that he had been offered the Bohemian Crown.
So based on that, Evans tried to find which Prince was Margaret's father.
Evans settled on Przemysl I Nosak (d. 1409) of Teschen, as the most
chronologically likely.

>It might be possible that she was in fact a patrician from Cieszyn
>rather than a duke's daughter.

That's my guess as well, but everyone seems fixated on Evans' implausible

William Addams Reitwiesner

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