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From: "Robert W Fay" <>
Subject: Re: VIRUS ALERT
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 11:57:43 -0500
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With the Badtrans worm, it is not intentional at all. The
person that owns the infected computer is quite unaware that
infected email is being sent by the virus from his computer.
Occasionally, owners of infected computers find out
because they notice large quantities of mail in their sent mail
folder or because they notice the internet connection active
when they are not themselves sending email.
Bob Fay
> This person is intentionally sending infected attachments to people on this
> forum. I have received two. I use a MAC, so I am not infected and cannot
> infect others with different formats. Be aware of attachments from people
> you do not know on this forum from now on.
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