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From: "Paul J. Gans" <>
Subject: Re: VIRUS ALERT
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 01:55:00 GMT
References: <3B1CF73B.1771.3A0A40@localhost>, <8kbT6.90$>, <>

Marin-Guzman <> wrote:
> Yep,

> "Serban Marin" <> has sent me TWO infected emails.

> Luckily I'm on Mac and I'm well protected.

> I hope that you're doing it unawares Serban... I really hope so.

> Pedro Marin-Guzman

Serban is not doing it on purpose. The virus is doing it.

A very good way to avoid the majority of these virii is to
STOP using Microsoft programs to read mail and news. Get
one of the various non-Microsoft programs for these
functions and use them instead. It will be worth your
time and money. You will not be totally protected, but
you will be able to avoid most of the current virii.

----- Paul J. Gans

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