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From: Roz Griston <>
Subject: OT: Is Leo an innocent?
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 09:45:28 -0700

Methinks Leo doth protest too much.
check out the gen-medieval archives
year - 2001
keywords in the search: annie leo
92 hits

use your find in page feature. keyword: leo

subject lines:
Now what?
I don't know, maybe it was the Roses . . .
Re: Off Topic A reply to "Annie" who cannot accept the truth
Re: Mary Queen of Scots
Tomlinson discussion, to be continued
see: Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 19:50:28 +0800
(this one really shows how low leo will go..definately an private email
gone public to rally support?)

Off Topic was overkilling Burke
Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 19:28:01 +0800
LOOK AT THE DATES..when will LEO let it drop?

Re: The "Russell" Connection not the right one for this fellow
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 22:17:46 +0100

Re: Vernon of Haddon and Hodnet
this one did not even concern Leo..but he felt a need to attack annie.
dated april 26.

Re: discussion ended
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 10:05:15 +0800
hmmm..leo only attacks data..not the person..NOT

Re: Naming Wars -- A comment and a Question (was Modern Germany When?)
see msgs 288 and 294. leo comments..actually quite civilly and dog
hines picks up the attack.

Re: Tompsett's royals site
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 13:53:30 +0200
note the date people..note what annie is saying. when is leo going to
let go. guess my memory slipped. i thought the attack was only going on
from mid april.

antidotes to another spate of attacks
Mon, 14 May 2001 18:17:36 +0200
here annie, attempts to defend herself. seems like there are several
people on the list who are not caught in the smoke and mirrors game
played by leo and hines.

well..i'm half way thru (45) the 92 messages containing the keywords:
annie leo

i'll let you all archive dive for remaining evidence. is leo the
innocent? he and hines have relentlessly pursued annie. tearing apart
any posting made, attacking her personally and publically..and leo
wonders how his term ANNIEMALS could be misconstrued as offensive?

now, that i have stood up to him..he and his dog are about to embark on
the same heel nipping behaviour with me. have fun boys, i have on my
armor. and i know where to find ammunition.

off list..leo wrote hines with a cc to was hines's spark
cue..'get ready for the attack." i responded to leo only..because!
omg!..hines has killfiled me..or so he says

leo responded saying hines was not hero. why he made the statement..i'm
not sure?..however, i am very sure..hines is leo's dog.

and thick skinned am i..dunno..but i do know i grew up on a
ranch..i can rope, dehorn, casterate, brand and step around b.s.

i've been gored, trampled, dragged, scraped and gouged on barb wire
fences and trees while breaking horses.

i've also hand raised orphan calves, stitched wounded animals, worked
daily for several weeks, removing gangerene from an dog attacked calves
leg to save its i know the smell of fetid rot. i've walked
seven miles leading a lame horse herding 16 head of cattle. i've helped
hay 11 tons of hay..and disbursed that hay to livestock in -56F
so..i guess, leo..i'm pretty darn tough.

i was taught to think on my feet to survive. i think you'd be advised
to play your game of bait and switch - one upmanship with easier
targets. advised..i will comment and call a spade a spade. time
to get off your high horse..or is that horse high. (erm..leo likes to
accuse people of substance abuse..guess its okay for me, too.)

so..gentle pogues and is today's lesson:
i treat like unto like..
if you are nasty to me..guess what you're gonna get. treat me with
respect..and guess what you're going to get.

i was also raised that you don't watch a mugging and do nothing. may have some data i want or need..but, if you can find assured, i can locate it too.

do not pretend you are interested in seriously genealogical research,
if you are withholding information because of a personal disagreement
or dislike of a person.

and now to quote leo..can we please get back to genealogy.

best regards

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