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From: (MTaHT)
Subject: Re: OT Re: Is Leo an innocent?
Date: 10 Jun 2001 20:40:02 GMT
References: <012201c0ef0a$f82416c0$bfb43bcb@leo>

Dear Leo:

Thank you for the many times that you have helped me. Please ignore any
attacks on your character or gentlemanlyness, I assure you that they are
unfounded or simply a misunderstanding.

From the past, it always appearred that Roz was a nice and decent person, so
"an out-of-all-proportion" misunderstanding is suspected.

Hang in there. You too, Roz. I hope to see posts from both of you (on
different topics), soon.

Your perpetual avid fan,
Mike Talbot

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