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From: "omega" <>
Subject: Re: Was Paleiologos Jewish?
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 08:14:58 +1000
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> > All that is very funny, but as far as I know the male line of the
> > Palaiologoi can not be traced back further than Nikphoros Palaiologos,
> > near Dyrrachion 18 October 1081. ... <etc.>
> Excellent!
> Jean Coeur de Lapin

It's good that you find such a illogical statement "Excellent". I guess
Nickiforos was never born like you an I, had no parents, he was just God's
gift to human kind. I guess that's funny and excellent.
What we don't know did not exist or did no happen.

the other cryptic message in your message does not make sense either.

> (Dr. Georg got the date of VE3's abdication wrong, too.)

What does that mean, is that cryptic message? I am going to be assassinate?

I guess the new born Tsar has a lot to learn in years to come, as he grows

Dr George Tsambourakis
Omega Thoroughbreds
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