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From: "Annie Natalelli-Waloszek" <>
Subject: Mohammed the Prophet
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 13:03:33 +0200

1 Abd Allah Ben Abd AL-MUTTALIB b: 554 + Amina Bint WAHB b: ABT. 554
2 The Prophet MUHAMMAD b: 570 d: 632 + KHADIJAH b: ABT. 570
3 Fatimah Bint MUHAMMAD b: ABT. 606 + Ali Ibn Abi Talib of ARABIA b: ABT.
4 Al Hasan of ARABIA b: ABT. 624
5 Husein of ARABIA b: ABT. 640
6 Zohra "The Lakhm" of ARABIA b:ABT. 680 + Abu Farisi of ARABIA b: ABT.
7 Na'Im Al Lakhmi of ARABIA b: ABT. 700
8 Ittaf Ben Naim of ARABIA b: ABT. 730
9 Amr Ben ITAF b: 800
10 Aslan Ben AMR b: 830
11 Abbad Ben AMR b: 890
12 Oarais Ben ABBAD b: 920
13 Ismail Ben OARAIS b: 954
14 Muhammad I Kadi Abu'I-Kasim Ben ISMAIL b: 984
15 Muhammad II Abu Amr Abbad Ben Al MUTADID b:1014 + ? of Balearic ISLES b:
16 Muhammad III Abu I Kasim Al MUTAMID b:1040 + I'Tamid (exSLAVE) b: ABT.
17 Zaida Princess DENIA b:1071+AlfonsoVI"Valiant"ofCastile&Leon b:1040 d: 29
Jun 1109
18 Sancha DE CASTILE b: ABT. 1145 + Rodrigo Gonsalez
18 "El Franco" DE LARA b: ABT. 1145
19 Rodrigo Rodriquez DE LARA b: ABT. 1165 + Garcia DE ATRANGA b: ABT.
20 Sancha Rodriquez DE LARA b: ABT. 1185 + Gonsalo Ruiz II DE GIRON b: ABT.
21 Maria Gonsalez DE GIRON b: ABT. 1208 + Guillen Perez DE GUZMAN b: ABT.
22 Maria de Guillen de GUZMAN b:ABT. 1228+AlfonsoX "Learned" King of CASTILE
b: 1228
23 Beatrice DE CASTILE b: 1242

Problems with Zaida (alias Elizabeth, Isabela in Spanish) were discussed on
this list in January, 2001, but not very conclusively...

Main questions remaining would be as to her father, 16 Muhammad III Abu I
Kasim Al MUTAMID b:1040 + I'Tamid (exSLAVE) b: ABT. 1045, or Abu Nabeth,
King of Yspalensis, a corrupted form for "Hispaniensis", so a general term
for hypothetical Abu Nabeth...

Yspalensis being the musulman name for the kingdom of Sevilla and, I
believe, Abu Nabeth was in fact another name for Aben-Abeth, king of
Seville. In "La familia de los Tellez de Meneses", by Modesto Salcedo,
Palencia 1999, he mentions Zoraida (Zayda) - daughter of the king of
Seville Aben- Abeth and widow of Fat el Mamun, king of Cordoba - who gave
Alfonso VI a son: don Sancho.
Also, according to Sandoval she died in childbirth on the 12.9.1099. She's
buried in Sahagun under the inscription "H.R. Regina Elisabeth, uxor regis
Adefonsi, filia Benabet Regis Sevillae, quae prius Zayda, fuit vocata"
(cited by marin guzman)
In Spanish: "Aqui descansa la reina Isabel, mujer del rey Alfonso, hija de
Aben-Abeth, rey de Sevilla; que antes se llamaba Zayda".
In English: "here lies Queen Elizabeth, wife of King Alfonso, daughter of
Aben-abeth, king of Seville; previously called Zayda.
Zayda was originally buried at the monastery in Sahagun but later moved to
Leon where her sepulchre and inscription can be found.

Hope you find this as interesting as I did...


& her children, Sancho & Sancha...

& how to get from Beatrice to Castile b.1242, to Elinor de Castille,
married in 1254, so probably born abt 1235-40...who seems a sibling or
cousin, & contemporary...

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