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> At any rate, Robert fitz Harding was a real person. His
> father, Harding fitz Alnod (sadly, no Prince of Denmark)
> is discussed in Katherine Keats-Rohan's "Domesday
> People" (p.244). She says that he was an Englishman, a
> young man in 1086, and that his principal holding was the
> manor of Merriott (from which he is called Harding de
> Meriet in a Somerset tax return) - he had lost most of the
> lands that had been held by his father, Alnoth or Ednoth
> the Constable.
> She says nothing of his wife, but lists children Nicholas;
> Robert (who lived until the 1170s); Cecilia; a daughter who
> was a nun of Shaftesbury; and probably a son Baldwin.
> She cites an article "Robert fitz Harding of Bristol..." by
> R. Patterson (Haskins Society Journal vol.1, 1989), which
> would probably be the best place to look for reliable
> information about Robert's wife (and to check whether she
> was called Eve, and whether her parents were really called
> Estmond and Godiva?).

Robert Patterson's article in the "Haskins Society Journal* 1 (1989) was
fully titled "Robert Fitz Harding of Bristol: Profile of an Early Angevin
Burgess-Baron Patrician and his Family's Urban Involvement". It's well worth

The subject reportedly died on 5 February 1171 and his wife Eve on 12 March
the same year, as prioress of St Michael's, Bristol. Her parents are

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