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From: "betty.owen" <>
Subject: Fw: Lady Godiva
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 07:25:26 -0500

Hi Todd really he had a brother named Northman....
I wonder if that is where his nephew Leofric came from.?
just a thought.
> You said:
> Actually, we know little of her family, other than guesses.
I said: Agreed alas I wish it were not so.
> we can say is that the name Godgifu was VERY Saxon.

You said:
> > If he is son in law of Hereward then do u know who he married ?
> Hugh of Evermue is said to have married the daughter of Hereward.
I said: is this a guess or is there some sort of documenatation>?
> > Hereward was not her son but was there some sort of
> > relationship between these families?
> You said:
> I don't think there is sufficient evidence to address this
> question, one way or the other.
> I said:
Prehaps not but it was her sons that followed him not the other way
around and the Danish were with them at one point (until they were bribed by
William -- not very good distant relatives i guess)
> > So are you saying the sheriff is not
> > the brother of Lady Godiva the area is right for it
>You said:
> No.
I said: well good!!! I thought that was what he was saying

You said:
He was saying he is not sure the Sheriff was father of
> Lucy. This is a different man than either the supposed brother
> of Godiva or the documented relative of Hereward.
> I said: so this guy really is documented to be the son-in-law of Hereward?
thanks taf

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