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From: Tracy Scarpino <>
Subject: RE: Lady Godiva
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 17:38:59 -0700
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At 10:21 AM +1000 6/22/01, Stewart, Peter wrote:
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>> Sheriff Thorold of Lincoln might also have been Lady Godiva's
>> father, no?
>We don't know how (if indeed at all) they were related, but Thorold the
>Sheriff has been called Godiva's nephew or brother - on what evidence do you
>think he might have been her father?
>Peter Stewart

I've been researching Lady Godiva for a work of fiction I'm writing.
Many of the websites I've seen have said he was her father but I
think many said he could have been her father or brother... I'll try
and find some later when I get home and post the URLs here. I'm sure
it doesn't matter since nobody knows what her relation to him was -
these web sites were probably just guessing.


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