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From: "Stewart, Peter" <>
Subject: RE: Plantagenet Correct Usage?
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 15:33:10 +1000

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> Subject: Re: Plantagenet Correct Usage?
> Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan will both be viewed very
> differently at the Bar of History than they are by the poguenoscenti
> today.
> Hell, they won the Cold War ---- and without triggering World War
> III ---- a remarkable achievement.

Did they indeed? I thought the Soviet bloc lost it pretty convincingly, all
on their ownsome, and might have done so just as quickly without the help of
those immortal sages, Thatcher and Reagan (and why not the more subtle
Mitterand for that matter?), who between them no more predicted the
inexorable twist & turn of events than they could seriously claim before the
bar of history to have guided them.

Peter Stewart

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