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From: "Violamolesworth" <>
Subject: Re: Plantagenet Correct Usage?
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 21:51:40 +0100
References: <>, <vi4_6.57$>, <> <mGr_6.39$> <00c101c0ff4f$6b17e040$0101a8c0@rosie> <008101c0ff61$1110d400$bbbd3bcb@leo>

Re Josephine Tey's 'Daughter of Time' - make sure the edition you buy has a
family tree in the front (perhaps not necessary with genealogists though,
who might know it all anyway!) - the latest Pan edition doesn't have it and
the whole book feel flat on a bookgroup I am in, because they were so
muddled about the relationships. I thought it was a great shame they'd
missed the point edition was the older Penguin edition which
had the family tree.

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