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Subject: Fw: History Syllabi (Was: Plantagenet Correct Usage?)
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 20:50:51 -0500

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Subject: Re: History Syllabi (Was: Plantagenet Correct Usage?)

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> > Anyone who thinks that studying the British History of the 1930's is
> > "boring" ---- is an unbridled idiot ----
> No history is boring; but the method of teaching it may make it so.
> If there is too much accent on memorizing dates to the exclusion of the
> actual events history will become boring. Dates are important, yes; but
> interest is in the actual event and it's relation to other events.

Have to make this point!
I have, more times than I can now count, answered & explained questions on
history that friends have brought to me, knowing of my fascination
therewith. These answers & explainations lead to further questions; and
before anyone reƤlizes it, I have given an hour's lesson. This leads to the
inevitable comment, 'Gee, you make it all so interesting! In school, I
hated history!' I, then say, 'Let me guess. Your High School history
teacher was a coach.' Which leads to the reply, 'Yeah. How did you know?'

Point: Hale!

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