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Subject: RE: Malcom III of Scotland
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 16:14:58 +1000

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> Hmmmmmmmm.
> This is what the Catholic Encyclopedia has to say:
> "In 1250 Margaret was canonized by Innocent IV, and her relics
> were translated on 19 June, 1259, to a new shrine, the base of
> which is still visible beyond the modern east wall of the restored
> church. At the Reformation her head passed into the possession
> of Mary Queen of Scots, and later was secured by the Jesuits at
> Douai, where it is believed to have perished during the French
> Revolution. According to George Conn, "De duplici statu
> religionis apud Scots" (Rome, 1628), the rest of the relics, together
> with those of Malcolm, were acquired by Philip II of Spain, and
> placed in two urns in the Escorial. When, however, Bishop
> Gillies of Edinburgh applied through Pius IX for their restoration to
> Scotland, they could not be found."

I have been told by an old Vatican hand that the failure to find the bones
of Malcolm and St Margaret was deliberate, and that these urns were entombed
alongside Philip II. Short of interfering with any possible organic material
for DNA analysis, I don't know how the question can be resolved. Burke's, as
usual, was misleading on the location of these dead bones in Dunfermline,
even if they have found urn burial elsewhere & are not in a yard under
Spanish ground.

Peter Stewart

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