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D. Spencer Hines wrote:
No, I said nothing about Geoffrey.
My source is right in the post ---- CP ---- with a complete citation.
D. Spencer Hines

PLM: Hines, I will not go as far as to say you are ignorant concerning
Geoffrey, bishop of Coutances but I can and will assume you are unwilling to
answer my questions and therefore , thanks for nothing.


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No, I said nothing about Geoffrey.

My source is right in the post ---- CP ---- with a complete citation.

D. Spencer Hines

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"Phil Moody" <> wrote in message

| David Mowbray wrote:
| Robert de Mowbray was nephew of Geoffrey de Mowbray, Bishop of
| Coutances, and IIRC Geoffrey was the first Norman Earl of
| Northumberland. Robert succeeded him, but rebelled against the king
| was imprisoned. Reputed to have been held for 30 years in dungeon in
| Windsor.
| Unless anyone can correct my impression!
| David
| D. Spencer Hines responded with:

| Indeed.
| Robert de Mowbray, Earl of Northumberland, rebelled against William
| Rufus in 1095 ---- in a conspiracy designed to put Stephen, Count of
| Aumale, on the throne. Stephen was the nephew of William The
| William Rufus marched north, captured Robert and threatened to blind
| unless his Countess also surrendered with her forces.
| Robert was deprived of his Earldom and reportedly imprisoned at
| Castle for 30 years, until Henry I allowed him to become a monk at St.
| Alban's, where he died.
| Vide CP IX:705-6.
| D. Spencer Hines
| PLM: Spencer, since you seem to support David's point that *Geoffrey
was the
| first Norman Earl of Northumberland*; I was hoping you would let me
| what primary or secondary source vouches for this claim?
| Reading John of Worchester from the unjust execution of Earl Waltheof
| Northumbria in 1075, through to the year 1088, I find no one named as
| of Northumbria. In 1088, England revolted against William (II) and
wanted to
| put Duke Robert of Normandy on the throne instead. JW records: *Other
| conspirators were Geoffrey, bishop of Coutances, with his nephew,
| earl of Northumbria,*
| So then, when was Geoffrey made Earl of Northumbria and when/why did
| relinquish this title to his nephew Robert, while he was still alive?
| Cheers,
| Phil

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