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Subject: Re: Malcom III of Scotland
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 18:30:24 +0100
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This just gets funnier and funnier. We now have the blind [Mowbray]
leading the lame-brained and the lazy [Moody].

If Mowbray thinks that Geoffrey, Bishop of Coutances, was Earl of
Northumberland ---- the Burden of Proof is clearly on his shoulders.

Stand and Deliver.

How Sweet It Is!

Deus Vult.

Veni, Vidi, Calcitravi Asinum.

D. Spencer Hines

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Nov 1998, p. A23.

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"David Mowbray" <> wrote in message

| In article <>, Phil
| Moody <> writes

| >D. Spencer Hines wrote:

| >No, I said nothing about Geoffrey.

| >My source is right in the post ---- CP ---- with a complete citation.
| >--

| >D. Spencer Hines
| >
| >PLM: Hines, I will not go as far as to say you are ignorant
| >Geoffrey, bishop of Coutances but I can and will assume you are
unwilling to
| >answer my questions and therefore , thanks for nothing.
| >
| >Cheers,
| >Phil
| Hi Phil,
| I will offer a suggestion, unlike Hines, who responded to my posting
| quoting back exactly the same information that appears on my web-site.
| "I don't wish to know that!" N. Seagoon
| To be fair, he added a source note.
| A visit the church in the Normandy village of Montbrai reveals two
| portraits of Geoffrey and a notice board full of articles about him.
| of these concerns his return from Angleterre to Coutances, and his
| in France.
| So, *maybe* (I make no claim!) he relinquished his Earldom to his
| on his return.
| David
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