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From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: HP - convention for gender
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 23:43:39 +0100

Ford Mommaerts-Meulemans-Browne wrote:
> >I would suggest that you use some sort of colour-coding for
> >names to illustrate gender. This leaves open the options of
> >other types of emphases for other purposes or highlightings.
> >You could be traditional & use blue for males & pink for
> >women - and, No, that is NOT sexist!

Stewart Baldwin replied:
> I thought about that possibility, but the problem with color coding is
> that many of the individuals will themselves be links to other webs
> pages, and these links are themselves color-coded in many (most?) web
> browsers, with visited and unvisited sites having a different color.

If colour-coding is thought to be a good idea per se, it wouldn't be too
hard to execute with the help of style sheets - which would be applicable to
the vast majority of browsers currently in use. One could have different
colour-schemes for males and females - and possibly variants for the links.
It would just involve typing (or probably pasting) statements such as
CLASS="boy" or CLASS="girl" into the HTML at appropriate points.

Chris Phillips

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