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From: "Pierre Aronax" <>
Subject: Re: A Medieval Christian-Moslem Descent
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 11:54:30 +0200

Ford Mommaerts-Meulemans-Browne <> a crit dans le
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> BlankFor those who may be interested, (& wish to discuss). This is based
> upon Zambauer, (mostly), Justi, & Wstenfeld.
> Manuel I, Byzantine Emperor 1143-80
> illegitima, m. Manuel Mavrozomes, (brother of Theodoros?)

Sorry, I miss that post. Interesting, but what is the source for this first
degree and particularly for the wife of Maurozms ? The only source I know
for the action of the cesar Manoul Maurozms in 1204/1205 is Niktas
Chniats, who says that Kaykhusraw was his son in law, but not that Emperor
Manuel was his father-in-law, at least if I record correctly (I can not
check immediately). I think it is known by an other source that the
Maurozmai had a connection with the Komnenoi, but not how was this
connection. But in fact, it is a minor point in this line because Maurozmes
was of course himself Christian and his daughter was indeed the wife of

> Komnena, m. Ghias ad-Din KaiKhosroe I, Sultan of Rum
> Allah ad-Din, (Aladin), KaiKobad I, Sultan of Rum, m. 1) Khwand Khatun Mah
> Peri
> Ghias ad-Din KaiKhosroe II, Sultan of Rum, m. Ghazia Khatun (Ayubbid) of
> Aleppo
> KaiKaus, Sultan of Rum, m. daughter of Baraka, Khan of the Golden Horde
> anonyma, m. Siraj ad-Din, Qadi of Qaisaria
> Shams ad-Din Mohammed, Qadi of Qaisaria
> Ahmed, Qadi of the Burhan ad-Din
> Habiba Seljuk Khatun, m. Emir/Amir Sulaiman Dulghadi Oghullary
> Amir/Emir Bozgurd Dulghadi Oghullary
> Aisha Khatun, m. Bayezid II, Sultan of Turkey 1481-1512
> Selim I, Sultan of Turkey 1512-1520, _a quo_ the later Ottoman Sultans

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