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Subject: Re: Anne Poole/Rev. Nicholas Street of Taunton, Plymouth Colony & New Haven Colony
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 21:27:14 -0400
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I agree with Dewayne Perry on this problem. He cites a very important
article by Donald Lines Jacobus, "John Gilbert of Taunton, Mass., and the
Maternal Ancestry of Rev. Nicholas Street of Taunton, Mass., and New Haven,
Conn.," TAG 27 (1951): 9-11. In the final paragraph of this article, Jacobus
says: "The first wife of Rev. Nicholas Street, the mother of his children,
has always been destitute of a name, even a given name, thanks to the
destruction of the Taunton records. No suggestion as to her identity has yet
been seen which possesses any merit."

Dewayne's summary from Torrey's _New England Marriages_ shows that the major
suggestion that had been made earlier was that Rev. Nicholas Street was a
Poole, obviously one of the suggestions that Jacobus says is without merit.

For some important records about Rev. Nicholas Street and his father and
grandfather, see Robin Bush's recent discoveries detailed in _Search for the
Passengers of the Mary & John_, 25: 61-64, 26: 58-59. Bush found several
records which mention Street's first wife--but still do not provide her with
a first name!


"Christopher Barttels" <> wrote in message
> Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
> Looking for your help on this question of colonial ancestry.
> I realize that this is on the cusp of being off topic giving the time
> frame but please bear with me. I have seen several listers with the
> same ancestry.
> Over the years I have accepted without question the supposed marriage
> of the Reverend Nicholas Street of Taunton, MA and New Haven, CT to
> Anne Poole, dau of Sir William Pole and Mary Periam (child x. of Poole
> 1 in Faris, "Plantagenet Ancestry" 2 ed., page 293 (She would also
> fall in line 27-18 p. 23 of MC5, p. 35.))
> I have gone back and looked at the secondary sources that list this as
> the first marriage of the Rev. Nicholas Street.
> The first place I find this marriage or mention of a possible marriage
> is James Savage in "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of
> New England", he states, Emery says his first w. was a sis. of the
> maiden found. of the town (Taunton).
> I believe it's a Street family history that says "His first wife was
> Ann (Pole or Poole) Waldron, sister of Elizabeth Pole foundress of
> Taunton and daughter of Sir John Pole of Colyton, Devon, whose wife
> was Marie daughter of Sir William Perian and chief Baron"
> In Henry A Street's article "Rev. Nicholas Street and His Descendants"
> which appears in "Genealogies of Connecticut Familes" (composed of
> articles that were originally published in the NEGH Register) it is
> said, "by his 1st wife, whose maiden name is said to have been Poole,
> he had five children".
> Street family researchers give the immigrant Rev. Nicholas Street a
> birth/bapt date of Jan 1602/3 in Bridgwater, Somerset. I'm not too
> sure how accurate this date is however. As to Anne Poole, her bpt
> date is given as 1 Nov 1589 in Shute, Devon. Is is possible that the
> age difference makes this union impossible?
> Torrey in "New England Marriages Prior to 1700" only says Rev.
> Street's 1wf was ?Alice____/Poole?
> It is a fact that the Rev. Nicholas Street was the minister of Taunton
> at the time that Anne Poole's brother and sister Capt.William and
> mistress Elizabeth Poole were important in this Plymouth Colony
> village.
> I trust the opinion of this group for an opinion on this matter.
> Thanks so much.
> Christopher Barttels
> Dayton, WA, USA

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