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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Was Richard III Inbred?
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 00:21:13 +0100
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"Thanks for the link - it sounds like an interesting program."

Regards, -----------Brad Verity

You're Welcome.

It Is.

Try it, you'll find it fascinating.

I suspect it will change some of your ideas about "inbreeding" too ---- if you have some good GEDCOM's to feed it ---- and work seriously with it.

Good Hunting!

"For by diligent perusing the actes of great men, by considering all the circumstances of them, by composing Counseiles and Meanes with events, a man may seem to have lived in all ages, to have been present at all enterprises, to be more strongly confirmed in Judgement, to have attained a greater experience than the longest life can possibly afford."

John Hayward, __The Lives of the III Norman Kings of England, William the First, William the Second and Henry I__, London, 1612, Preface

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| "D. Spencer Hines" <D. Spencer Hines > wrote in message
| > Was Richard III, [1452-1485], King of England, inbred?
| Compared to me, yes. Three of his four grandparents were descended
| from Edward III and Philippa of Hainault. Two of them - his paternal
| grandfather and his maternal grandmother - were first cousins. None
| of my four grandparents have a common ancestor (at least going back to
| the generation of THEIR grandparents, which is all I've managed to
| determine).
| Compared to nemesis Henry VII, yes. Of the 4 grandparents of the
| victor of Bosworth, only one was descended from Edward III and
| Philippa of Hainault (though this one - his maternal grandfather - had
| several cross-bred lines from Edward I). The closest common ancestors
| any of the 4 grandparents had were William III, Count of Hainault and
| Jeanne of Valois, from whom his paternal grandmother and his maternal
| grandfather descended.
| > Richard III's nominal Wright Coefficient of Inbreeding [COI] is
| > approximately 6.7%. As before, this is a first approximation and other
| > figures are welcomed. The more the merrier. Different GEDCOM's, run
| > over different generational lengths, produce different results in the
| > crunching process, of course. And, GIGO. [Garbage In -- Garbage Out] as
| > always. The quality and completeness of the input GEDCOM is critical.
| >
| > So, at 6.7%, Richard III would not be particularly inbred ---- but
| > slightly more so than Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Edward at
| > 6.2%.
| Very interesting - I've never heard until now of the Wright
| Coefficient of Inbreeding.
| The one I've always suspected of suffering physical consequences of
| inbreeding is Edward, Earl of Warwick. His parents were first
| cousins, and each were the product of so much cross-breeding
| themselves. Edward was reputed to have been mentally handicapped.
| It's possible Edward, Prince of Wales, son of Richard III, also
| suffered physical consequences of inbreeding. Richard III married his
| first cousin, sister to Edward of Warwick's mother. If I remember
| correctly, Richard III's son died as a youth of some illness.
| Lucky for her descendants, Margaret, Countess of Salisbury, took the
| extremely obscure Richard Pole as her husband and brought some "fresh
| blood" in.
| > Ian Fettes's remarkable software, FTRIPLET will crunch any GEDCOM ----
| > Medieval or Modern. So, it is quite easy to determine the Wright COI's
| > for other important figures in Medieval History ---- if one has a good,
| > accurate GEDCOM, a reasonably fast computer, and some savvy.
| >
| > Ian's Home Page is at:
| >
| >
| >
| > Gentle Readers may download the free software there. It's small, only a
| > tiny, 92 KB, zipped file ---- and runs under DOS. There is more
| > information as to its capabilities at the site. Ian is quite elegant in
| > the matter of not bloating his software. I appreciate that.
| Thanks for the link - it sounds like an interesting program.
| Regards, -----------Brad Verity

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