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From: (Douglas Richardson)
Subject: Re: Corrected Mowbray Royal Ancestry for Robert Abell, Richard More & John Oxenbridge
Date: 9 Oct 2001 14:50:26 -0700
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Hi Brad and Chris ~

With your permission, I'll credit both of you in the forthcoming book
regarding the identification of Margaret (Mowbray) Lucy. I appreciate
both of your suggestions and comments very much.

I've learned over the years that medieval research can be very
slippery at times. Sometimes you think you have something nailed
down, only to have it completely revised when a new piece of evidence
turns up. Also, one has to keep an eye on the chronology at all

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah


(Chris Phillips) wrote in message news:<014401c150d6$035f86a0$>...
> Douglas Richardson wrote:
> > Thank you for your latest post regarding the Mowbray family. Having
> > carefully reviewed the citations you provide below, it is clear that
> > John de Mowbray, 4th Lord Mowbray's first children by his wife,
> > Elizabeth de Segrave, were a daughter, Eleanor, born in 1364, and a
> > son, John, born in 1365. This is spite of the fact that John and
> > Elizabeth were married in 1349 and probably consumated their marriage
> > by 1353.
> I'm pleased if the looking up I did was useful. But I should say that any
> credit for spotting the crucial statement about Eleanor being the first
> daughter should go to Brad Verity, who originally posted that information,
> and asked:
> > Is the possibility completely ruled out that this Margaret Mowbray who
> > married Reginald Lucy was the daughter of John, 3rd Lord Mowbray and
> > his wife Joan of Lancaster? She still could be married in Bretby
> > Castle chapel as the sister, rather than the daughter, of John, 4th
> > Lord Mowbray, since that had become a property of the Mowbrays on the
> > death of Lord Segrave in 1353.
> Chris Phillips

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