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From: (Nichol)
Subject: Re: Was Babur really a descendant of Genghis Khan and Tamurlane?
Date: 14 Oct 2001 12:57:22 -0700
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>> I also tried to find a line back to Shah Ismael I of Persia (and
>>thus some of the Byzantine Emperors), but has not been successfull
>from the Moghuls?

If you're looking for a connection between the Mughals & the Persians
(and from them to Byzantine Emperors and ultimately to Charlemagne)
here's what I have:

(1) Ionannes (John) IV, Emperor of Trebizond, d.1459. He m.unknown
Turkish woman & had issue:
(1.1) Theodora Komnena m.Uzun Hasan & had issue:
(1.1.1) Halima Begun m.her cousin Sultan Haydar Safavi & had issue:
( Abdul Muzaffar Ismael I, Shah of Persia, b.1487 & d.MAY 23
1524. He m.Tajlu Khanum & had issue:
( Shahzada 'Abdu'l Fath Bahram Mirza, b.15 SEP 1517 & d.7
OCT 1549. He had issue:
( Shahzada Husain Mirza, d.1577. He had issue:
( Shahzada 'Iffat Khan Rustam Mirza, b.1565 & d.1642,
Agra, India. He had issue:
( Shahzada Murad Mirza Iltifat Khan, d.1627. He
m.daughter of 'Abdu'r Rahim Khan & had issue:
( Shahzada Badi uz-zaman Mirza Shahnawaz Khan,
Governor of Jaunpur, d.24 MAR 1659. He had issue:
( Dilrus Banu m.18 MAY 1637 Aurangzeb, Mughal of

>From here on out it's pretty easy to trace back from Ionannes IV to
Charlemagne, Georgian Kings, Byzantine royalty, and tons more. I am
unaware of any earlier relationship between the Mughals and this line,
but it's very possible I missed a connection or two.

> >Was this really true? Who were the parents of Babur? Is there a family
> >tree or a pedigree chart of Babur anywhere? Or, was this just a story
> >he made up?
> AFAIK Babur was the great-great-great-grandson of Timur.

Would someone be so kind as to post Babur's exact descent from


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