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Subject: Re: George Monck - (Was "I know").
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 18:57:43 EDT

Monday, 22 October, 2001

Hello Frank and Janet, et al.,

George Monk (or Monck) was certainly an interesting character.

His ancestry is also quite interesting; while I have not attempted to
explore the primary sources (or even a Visitation pedigree) in support of the
following, I think it worth pointing out his descent as per other printed
sources (including Brewer's) . Certainly, if anyone has more experience in
exploring this line, esp. re: any descendants of the General, please advise.

.1. George Monk (1609-1670), General; cr. Duke of Albemarle

.2. Thomas Monk, of Potheridge, Devon

.4. Anthony Monk, of Potheridge, Devon
.5. Mary Arscott

.8. Thomas Monk, of Potheridge (2nd husband)
.9. Frances Plantagenet

18. Arthur Plantagenet, illegitimate son, b. ca. 1462; knighted 14 Oct 1513;
cr Viscount Lisle 25 Apr 1523; d.s.p.m. 3 Mar 1542 (2nd husband of #19)
19. Elizabeth Grey, Baroness Lisle suo jure (1st wife); d. ca. 1525

36. Edward IV, King of England; d. 1483
37. possibly Elizabeth Wayte [not married]
38. Edward Grey, Lord Lisle (Viscount Lisle, 1483); d. 1492
39. Elizabeth Talbot, Baroness Lisle suo jure; d. 1487

[Of the above, at least from #39 down to #9, one might refer to CP
under Lisle, of Kingston Lisle; I do not have access to the Albemarle portion
of CP]

Arthur Plantagenet, also, was an interesting character, but then the
above AT abounds in character..... and characters.

Good luck, and good hunting.



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