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From: (Bryant Smith)
Date: 22 Oct 2001 18:00:44 -0700
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Abbreviated UNVERIFIED descent of
George Henry Monck, 1sr Duke of Albemarle

1. Edward IV=== Elizabeth Grey
2. Arthur Plantagenet
3. Frances m. Thomas Monck son of Anthony and Eliza Beth Wood
4. Sir Anthony Monck m 13 Sep 1568 Mary Arscott
5. Christopher
5. Thomas b. 1570 m. Elizabeth Smyth
6. Margaret
6. Dorothy m. John Killegrew
6. Mary d 20 Oct 1603
6. Francisca b. 1613
6. Anthony d. 1620
6. Thomas b. 1606 m 24 Dec 1626 Mary Gould --> issue
6. George Henry Monck b. 6 Dec. 1608 d. 3 Jan 1670
m. 23 Jan 1652 Ann Clarges b. 3 Mar 1619 d 29 Jan 1699

I found nothing about any hiring out to the Dutch.
During the Dictatorship he formed a regiment at Cromwell's orders and
was at the time of Oliver's death the general of all the Parliamentary force
in Scotland. In the turmoil that followed Oliver's death he marched his
army to London and restored order, and was thereafter instrumental in
bringing about the return of Charles II and the restoration of the monarchy.
He was created 1st Duke of Albemarle by Charles II and was one of the
eight "Lords Proprietors" of the new colony of Carolina in the Carolina
Charter (1683).

He has descendants down into the 20th century and probably many living.
I found one who died as recently as November 1997. The rosters of hereditary
peers show a Charles Monck (who does not use his title) as 7th Viscount Monck
of Ballytrommer [sp?], and a living Earl of Albemarle who may be descended
from the first Duke. I'm sure Louis Epstein could help you on the noble side.
Since the data I found have not been checked out I do not wish to post them,
but will send to you privately, on the understanding that they may contain
serious errors, an ahnentafel of the 1st Duke and a henry-numbered list of
some of his descendants.

Good hunting
Bryant Smith
Playa Palo Seco
Costa Rica

(Janet Ariciu) wrote in message news:<013a01c15aeb$7293fc80$>...
> This date is not for this list but I have no idea where to go.
> Has anyone ever hear of this man and his family.
> Monck, George, Duke of Albemarle ( 1608-70)
> I was told he was English soldier and sailor.
> He service with Dutch and fought against Spain from 1629 to 1638.
> I am wondering about this for one my surnames is Muncus, Momus, Munch or
> Munkers.
> Thank you Janet

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