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From: (Bryant Smith)
Subject: Re: OT Convicts (was Irritating Posts)
Date: 24 Oct 2001 08:47:50 -0700
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> Oh, was I supposed to be offended by the reference to Australian
> convicts?
> The rest of you may find this odd but it is fashionable to have a
> convict forebear in Australia. In fact the Australian equivalent
> of the Mayflower Society is the First Fleet Society, i.e.
> descendants of those who arrived on the first fleet, most of whom
> were convicts.
> To go slightly back on topic, which ancestor should I be more
> ashamed of, Charles Wheeler transported to Australia for beast
> stealing, or Robert Yeo who caused his servant to murder William
> Wyke? It was in protecting Robert Yeo that the Earl of Devon
> intervened in the case leading to the earl being charged and
> convicted of perverting the course of justice. This is the famous
> 1392 case where much was made of the earl telling one of the
> local judges that "he should sit more uprightly without
> partiality in this session than he had at the last session."
> There are probably others convicted of something through the ages
> who are in my pedigree, although I know there are no other
> transported convicts. It's too late to change it now.
> Regards,
> Louise

I'm glad you were not offended.
Some of us have had the good [?] luck to find any
number of the so-called "Sureties" of Magna Carta
hanging in their trees. Never mind that they were
traitors and perjurers who conspired with Philippe-
August of France to put the Dauphin on the throne of
England and make a French province of their country.
Others may have found the regicides of Edward II or
of Charles I. Others (including myself)have found
William de Braose (ca. 1193 - 1211), allegedly (but
not proven to be) the murderer of Arthur (son of
Geoffrey, John's older brother) hanging there.
Alongside such villains, what difference does the
occasional horse thief make? (Theft of a horse was,
by the way, a hanging offense in our Old West, here
in the States.)
Bryant Smith
Playa Palo Seco
Costa Rica

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