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Subject: Re: TRUE and TESTED FACTS; (was re: Children of Zedekiah).
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Hair-raising indeed.

Deus Vult.

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"Chris & Tom Tinney, Sr." <> wrote in message

| There was a hair raising event in
| circa 390 B.C. when the Gauls
| sacked Rome. The Celtic image of
| long hair would have been in the Roman
| memory from personal experience. From
| a Roman cultural perspective, Varro
| states that P. Titinius Mensa brought the
| first barbers to Rome in 300 B.C.,
| as noted in Roman Papers, by
| Ronald Syme, Vol. V, published
| 1988, Chapter 35, Three Ambivii,
| [273], book page 626, Item # (5) (a),
| adducing his monument at Ardea (ii II, 10).
| The elder Pliny [Plin. Nat. 7.210 f.]
| adds that Scipio Africanus was the
| first Roman to shave daily. [Caesar f (L.)
| < caesaries long, flowing or luxuriant hair , . . .
| Originally it was derisory nickname of
| Gajus Julius, the illustrious Roman statesman
| and general (100-44 B.C.), who however
| became completely bald at an early age.]
| The derisory "caesar" therefore appears
| directly connected historically, to the Gauls
| as barbarians, within the time frame of Ugaine,
| and the Punic Wars, as noted: the "core truth".
| Respectfully yours,
| Tom Tinney, Sr.

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