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From: Matthew Harley <>
Subject: Re: TRUE and TESTED FACTS; (was re: Children of Zedekiah).
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 10:28:27 +0100
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"Todd A. Farmerie" wrote:

> To support Ugaine fighting in the Punic Wars, you have cited a
> book written in the 1600s that never says he fought in the Punic
> Wars, and dates him to an entirely different period (two, in
> fact), and contains biological and onomastic improbabilities.
> You have also cited the fact that the Irish preserved an ancient
> document having nothing to do with Ugaine OR the Punic War. You
> have also cited the fact that an ancestor of Julius Caesar killed
> an elephant in the Punic War. You have NOT cited any document
> that says Ugaine fought in the Punic War, and yet you conclude
> that this is the "core truth". This is not the way of
> scholarship.

The Tinney method of scholarship is known as proof by random citation.

I should ask why you bother answering this garbage, but it is actually
very amusing waiting to see what new stroke of rhetorical genius
Tinney will employ to best your counter-arguments.

Matt Harley

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